Best Ways to Earn Quality Backlinks and Get More Organic Traffic

10/23/2015 10:30 PM by Admin in Link building

An effective plan for website optimization must include 3 main components: social media, onsite SEO and backlinks or link building. In this article, we will talk about the backlinks and best ways to earn them to propel your website up the SE rankings and increase website traffic.


What is Backlink?

Backlink is a hyperlink from external source that directly points to your webpage or website. For example, you could add a link to a certain website or webpage from your own website. If someone would click that link, he/she will be directed to the website of the link you have posted and away from your website. In doing this, you have provided that particular website with a backlink. Likewise, if that particular made a link building to your website on one of their webpages, it simply means that they have provided you with a backlink. Backlinks can come from different sources and some of the best ways to earn quality backlinks will be discussed later on in this article.


Why is Backlink Important?

A backlink can provide 2 major benefits for a website: first is that they can help you improve your ranking in search engine, and secondly they can provide a website additional exposure and get more organic traffic from the external sources. Link building acts like votes and this is a way for many people to say that they have liked what you offer. Example, if you wrote an article and people felt would benefit their website, they may decide to link to your website, and if the other webmasters read your article and would also link to you, you’ll soon have many websites linking on one page of your website. This can happen over and over again and search engines will see your webpage as valuable making rank higher on SERP. However, it’s not just the quantity of link building that’s important; the quality of source it’s coming from should also be considered. A single backlink from a well-respected source can be more valuable as compared to many from the poor-quality websites which can definitely increase website traffic.


Best Ways to Earn Quality Backlinks

As mentioned above, the quality of backlinks that you should have is an important consideration when implementing a backlink strategy. In the past, when the search engines are poorly functioning, the more backlinks you have, the higher you will be ranked. It is very simple as that. However, now that the search engines are evolving their ability to sniff and sort out things, there are now several factors that should be considered when planning to add a new link building in your website. Ultimately, all backlink to be added should be from the high quality sites and be varied in their link location and source. It’s also important that the backlinks would look very natural in their anchor text, source, frequency and link location they’re added.


Best Ways to Earn Quality Backlinks and Get More Organic Traffic

Authority – One of the best ways to earn quality backlinks is to aim for backlinks from the authority websites. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done – especially if you have a new website – which is why they hold much more value.  In the end, why would a very powerful and popular website would do a link building to your little, tiny blog? But you need to be positive on this; as long as the website you’re linking back is more authoritative than your website, you can still benefit from their popularity and power.


The authority of website can be measured by observing its PA (Page Authority), DA (Domain Authority), PR (Page Rank), Majestic TF/CF and its domain age. Website with high domain age, CF-TF, PA-DA and PR than you is a suitable candidate for your website backlink. However, if your website has 5 PR and you acquired a backlink from website with 0-1 PR, you’ll still benefit from, but overtime, it has no guarantee that your PR will increase by link building from these less effective sites. In short, the older the domain age, the higher the page rank and the more authoritative a website is, would be much better.


Theme – The website theme is also one of the best ways to consider in order to earn quality backlinks. For example, if you have a blog that is about gardening, and many gardening websites have linked to your blog, this will tell the search engines that your website/blog is very popular within this niche or theme. This can improve your page ranking because of the fact that your website appears highly relevant when the keywords that are associated in this theme or niche are search for. Link building to your gardening blog from numerous website in this certain niche can also provide other people with interest in your theme or niche a direct and easy access to your website/ blog.


You should also try considering related niches because these can also be beneficial to you. For a blog about gardening, you should target backlinks from the websites that are focusing on bird watching, home improvements, ponds, sheds, and many more related topics. These can provide a diverse pattern of backlinks that will naturally appear without losing the main focus of your niche or theme.


Anchor TextThe text you use for link building is known as anchor text and it’s used to add the links in webpages without breaking the content flow. When the search engine has passed a link, it will read the anchor text and if you are using related keywords in your anchor text, it will tell the search engine of link subject where it is related to. You need to use rich keyword anchor text that’s relevant to the link’s destination or the keyword you’re hoping to enhance your rankings for. For example, if you are about to create a backlink for this article, your anchor text should be “why is link building important” or “best ways to earn quality backlinks”, as these texts are relevant to this article’s content.

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