How Blogging Contributes to Personality Development

09/13/2015 12:00 AM by Admin in Blogging

How Blogging Contributes to Personality Development

Thinking of creating a blog where you can publish your poetry collection? Why not? That’s actually cool! Now, numerous people will be able to read your works. Oh, so that’s exactly what’s bothering you. You are hesitant about sharing even just a single piece of writing to anyone. You’re too afraid that other people might not like your works and say bad things about them. Dear, where does your fear come from? Is it from a past experience or is it just fear of the unknown? Well, if you’re really scared of the possible negative outcome of publishing your works online, then there’s a bigger reason for you to start blogging. In doing so, you help yourself improve in various ways. Want to know how it’s possible? No problem!


Improve Yourself through Creating a Blog


For other people, blogging simply means posting various contents of different categories. While this is true, creating a blog is actually more than just merely showing the owners’ works to the public. For other people, it can help a lot in pouring their hearts out, revealing their personalities, and improving themselves.


  • Maintaining a blog is a form self-expression.


Yes, of course. From choosing the theme to the actual posting of contents, you reveal a big part of yourself. Oh, so you like talking about pets! You like writing about current events, too! Apart from merely introducing yourself to a larger audience, self-expression helps you unload whatever it is that you need to. Based on the situation discussed above, you’re a very shy person. You seem to have a serious problem communicating with other people. But once you get used to expressing yourself, the gradual improvement will follow. Your shyness will slowly get out of your system.


  • It helps you to be open-minded.


Assuming you make your posts available to the public, it means you’re welcoming all kinds of reactions from different people. Some of them may be your friends and acquaintances, while some may be total strangers. What if they post negative comments? What if they criticize your works? Will it cause you a lot of trouble? Once you welcome any types of reactions from your readers, you likewise welcome a big way to improve how you think. You develop your way of handling things. Receiving negative comments may hurt in the beginning, but if you learn how to understand where they come from, you will end up having a broader and more mature mind.


  • It enhances your skills.


You want to post your poems, right? That’s a great move, honestly. Writing regularly combined with constructive criticisms from your readers will help you become a better writer. Your knowledge and skills will be enhanced. The result: a more confident you. Who doesn’t want to be better in his or her craft? Who doesn’t gain confidence upon his or her great improvement?


Still thinking whether or not you’re going to publish your works? Think no more. Just do it! Who knows, you might be able to help other people develop their own personalities, too. You are talented. And for sure, there are some hearts that can relate to you. Some minds might be cleared by your pieces of writing. How good it is to create a better version of you while helping other people rebuild themselves, too! For others, blogging may simply be about posting great contents online. But for you and for other people whose hearts you might touch, it can definitely be one of the initial reasons why various goals in life will be attained.

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