How to use Twitter to improve your business

02/25/2021 5:30 PM by Admin in Marketing

In this day and age, it is almost a requirement to have a social media account on multiple platforms. It is such an integral part of our society that it is used for identity verification and as a primary method of communication.

With the ability to communicate with billions around the world at the press of a button instantaneously, many businesses have realized how amazing social media platforms are to market themselves and grow their presence.

In fact, this presence is so powerful that it can be one of the most important factors in determining the difference between your business’ profit and its loss. However, just having a social media presence, or a Twitter account alone is not enough if it is not being used resourcefully and effectively.

Instead, the best and most proven way to succeed is certain ideas that span beyond the confines of just growing your followers and blindly posting something in hopes for virality. Here are a few often overlooked, but critically effective ways of taking advantage of Twitter for your business.

Grow an actual community

Having thousands of followers is great, but if they are not engaging or buying your products or services then what good does it do? You can’t just settle for empty faces; you need actual real people in your community.

A truly dedicated community of a few is far better than a large yet empty community. You can gain these kinds of followers organically by using relevant, targeted hashtags, using an auto-follow method, and approaching the people you want to have as followers.

Most importantly, you must always remember to be approachable, friendly, yet have a professional and consistent voice of authority. That means generating great content and messages very regularly.

Use Twitter chats

All the best businesses in the world utilize every aspect of Twitter, not just posts and engagements, but especially chats, which many other businesses overlook. It is great to post engaging and quality content, however what is often ignored and overlooked is interacting with people and connecting with them on a personal level.

Using Twitter chat is a free and effective way of increasing exposure and reach, as the chats are seen by just about everyone. Plus, it is a great way to humanize yourself instead of being an unreachable and unapproachable brand. A great example of a business that does this is VaynerMedia. Their CEO, Gary, has attributed a large number of loyal followers due to interpersonal messaging on social media.

This generates a ton of engagements, plus a lot of good reviews that make other people more curious about your brand, leading to the potential increase in clientele.

Do analytics

If a business does not look at the numbers meticulously, they are just stumbling around in the dark. Analytics is an extremely important part of the marketing strategy to see how much your progress is in a quantifiable manner. With analytics, it is possible to see which ads are doing great, and why they are doing so.

You can also tell how much traffic you have gained or lost overtime on a weekly basis, and what type of people are visiting your leaving. With this, you can tell if you are attracting the right demographic or not.

Furthermore, by being able to see the average curve of new followers is, you are able to tailor your business strategy to a more in-depth degree, giving yourself the best opportunities of success.

In analytics, every metric available can be used to not only help shape content but to know what to avoid doing and what to do more of. Instead of stumbling around in the dark, analytics acts as a torch and a roadmap to your destination.

Have a business logo as a profile picture

If you want to really make sure your voice has authority, and your brand is trustable, then do not forget to have your logo as a profile picture. With that, it is easier for new followers to identify you, and to be aware of you.

If your display picture is not a logo, it might be confusing to some potential customers looking for your service, but turned off by the display picture, thus making you lose out on future business. To ensure this does not happen, always make it a point to identify your brand first and foremost. So even with posts and such, always include your branding.

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