SEO Built for Mobile Users

12/24/2020 5:30 AM by Admin in Seo

SEO Built for Mobile Users

Search engine optimization is complex. There are many variables to keep in mind throughout the process, and the SEO rules are always changing. For example, Google continually updates its search algorithms, making it hard for writers to use SEO.

There are a few strategies to ensure that written content stays relevant over time. Luckily, some of these apply for those looking to net mobile users. The searching experience on phones is entirely different. Here is a look at some ways to maximize your content to reach mobile users.


Different Terms

Inputting inquiries on a PC with a keyboard is quite different from tapping a small screen to find answers. This is something to remember when creating content aimed at the mobile phone crowd.

It is also likely that users on their phones are out and about, making it more difficult to type out long terms and questions. Why is this important? Well, when you decide on the keywords you would like to implement, consider keeping the options short and catchy. This increases the chance that someone tapping their screen will find your content.


Adjust Your Content

Users on their phones want to find answers right away and would prefer to read a shorter article. You should use this knowledge when you create SEO content. This is not just about how much you write though. It is also a call to action in regard to keywords and style.

Consider that density changes for keywords. Many companies prefer SEO strategies that use some terms between 2-6% in a text. This fluctuates, but you might want to modify this for your mobile content.

Style changes include paragraph length, general sentence structure, and body text size after each heading. Try to imagine what kind of content you would prefer to read on your phone and then apply the necessary changes.

Remember that users are interacting via a smaller screen and a more uncomfortable display. Typically, enterprise SMS solutions can help writers adapt to less screen space.


Adjust your Website

If you are wanting a mobile friendly user experience, then you need to ensure that your website functions on multiple mobile platforms such as smart phones, tablets, and other devices that are capable of browsing the internet.


Drastic Measures

If you are having trouble trying to get your numbers up, consider a unique method depending on your primary content topics. You might benefit by adding a section to your site about mobile phone troubleshooting.

Perhaps it is not that you do not understand or enjoy writing about the topic and also, it is not about your primary content. Instead, the problem is the number of searches on phones that are about problems with mobile devices. Your strategy must be to funnel readers into the rest of your website.


A Great Start

These suggestions should help you to start understanding SEO for mobile users.  It is tough with all the competition, but small changes can have a tremendous impact on SEO. Try changing up your keywords and adjusting your content, and you will see results.

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