The Importance of Images in Digital Marketing

02/03/2021 7:30 PM by Admin in Marketing

The Importance of Images in Digital Marketing

We live in a world in which we are bombarded by imagery on a regular basis. More and more photos are being taken each and every year as every one of us carries around a camera in our pockets. This doesn’t even mention the fact that the quality continues to improve in a big way thanks to improved technology. On top of this, photo editing software is becoming easier to use than ever before. In fact, you can put on a new filter at the touch of a button. This big transformation means that the relationship between imagery and business has been strengthened significantly. This can particularly be seen in the world of digital marketing. Just think how big a role images play when you are scrolling through your social media feed. Here is a bit more info that outlines how you need to stay on top of your images.

High-quality Imagery

When you are looking to store valuable brand assets, it makes sense that everything that you are saving and storing is high-quality. The quality of the imagery is a reflection of the quality of the business as a whole in the eyes of many people. In fact, online content with strong imagery gets a significant number more views than those without it. Essentially, the images play a big role in telling your story. In an impatient world that often involves endless scrolling, it is the images that really pop that are going to get the most clicks. At the end of the day, poor imagery simply looks unprofessional, and this is not the impression that you want to give people of your company.

Images in Marketing Collateral

One of the most common uses of imagery for businesses is in marketing collateral. This can include everything from company brochures to business cards. Good images can help you win customers and make it more likely that you will leave a lasting impression in people’s minds. Without good-quality imagery, it is much harder to tell the story that you would like these days. If you look at newspapers of the past, it was the case that the words were enough. These days, people like to be told stories in a visual manner. Ultimately, a business is a story in itself. Therefore, your imagery can make a big difference in shaping the story that you would like to.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When many people think about SEO, their main area of focus goes onto the keywords. While the text is obviously still important, you need to think about how your imagery ranks as well. This means that you have to go through the process of labeling all your imagery correctly to ensure that it pops up when you want it to. You also need to bear in mind the image size. Larger pictures can end up slowing down websites, which will have a detrimental impact on your search engine ranking. When you do everything properly, the images should pop up on both web and image searches, which obviously makes your company more likely to be found. Again, the quality of the imagery plays a big role in giving you a positive reputation here.

Common Types of Images Used in Digital Marketing

The imagery used in most digital marketing activities falls under a few different umbrellas. First of all, you have product photography, which refers to the pictures that you take of the products that you are selling. Obviously, if you run an eCommerce website, this is particularly important as it is all a customer has to judge your product on. Everything needs to look crisp and well-lit. Think about taking a variety of shots from different angles to showcase your offering in the best way possible. Alongside product imagery, we have lifestyle images. Essentially, this refers to a few shots of the products being used. This gives people the opportunity to imagine buying the products themselves. You can use these shots on your website directly, as well as putting them up on your social media accounts. The great thing about a human face is that it can evoke a sense of trust that you cannot get from a product on its own.

Another type of image that has been used more and more in recent years is the infographic. These are designed to convey a great deal of information in the simplest way possible. Again, they are often used on social media. At the same time, they are a firm favorite of bloggers. Infographics are an artform. While you can create them yourself, you can also achieve success by hiring a professional designer to take care of them for you.

Many businesses are using images that give the ‘inside story’ of a company. Essentially, these are taken from inside the office or your workspace. Alternatively, they could be taken when you are out on the job. Ultimately, they serve to give your business a ‘face’, which can prove to be the difference between you and your competitors. Memes are also used commonly these days. They are easy to make and fun. Make sure that you have a goal in mind for what you want your meme to achieve. Often, businesses simply rely on stock imagery, which can also have its place in a modern company. Ultimately, it can be used as a time-saving device when you are not always able to create your own pictures.

Why Businesses Do Not Use Great Imagery

There are several different reasons why businesses may not use the best imagery. Many of them are so involved in the regular running of their companies that they simply do not have the opportunity to focus on them. Also, not having the right skill set can seem like a problem as well – though modern technology has helped to address this problem with how easy it is to take and edit images. So, if your company has not been using images properly, now is the time to change all this.

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