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Whois Checker

If you want to maximize the advantages you get from having a website, you must know all the basic things about it. You should also use and be familiar with the search engine optimization (SEO) tools that are often used to maintain, update or improve your website, online traffic or site ranking on search engines. One of the many tools you should be familiar with is the Whois Checker.


What Is Whois Checker?

Whois Checker is a domain research tool used for determining the domain registered for a certain page. You can use it for your own site. Also, you can use it for checking your rival’s domain and others domain. This will tell you who the registered owner of that domain is.


Most often than not, it is the domain research tool used by those who are interested in acquiring an existing domain. Since they cannot buy it anymore from domain companies or just because they prefer old domains than new ones, they need to contact who the owner of that domain is to negotiate and encourage the owner to sell the domain to them.


Why Do They Prefer Existing Domains?

This SEO tool is among the most commonly used tools these days. It is because more and more individuals and businesses are now interested in acquiring existing domains. The reason why they prefer old domains to new ones is due to the fact that existing domains usually offer better traffic and better search engine ranking. These individuals and businesses want to get ahead of their competitors by using an older domain instead.


The best thing about this Whois Checker is that it only shows accurate results. It shows you the IP address, the registered owner of the domain, contact details and how many IP address are in the blocks assigned to a specific owner.