A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Blogging; the design and editing of a blog is one of the easiest yet most lucrative means of making money. Creating the content of a blog requires creativity on the blogger’s path. The content must be exhilarating, engaging and simple. Many bloggers create blogs without knowing what it entails. It is to be noted that a person that knows his way gets to his destination before a person that beats about the bush, it is of utmost importance that a blogger knows best the steps to take. Firstly, the blogger...
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How to Write a Killer Blog Post

Anyone can start a blog. If you want to become a blogger starting your personal blog is one of the simplest steps to take. The hardest part is publishing good posts which will entice your readers to read as well as share the content. Luckily, one doesn’t need excellent writing skills to build as well as promote a good content on ones site or blog. Although the internet is filled with lectures and guidelines on ways to write blog posts, the most crucial part of always making a good blog...
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12 Reasons Why a Blog Should be Started

Blogging can be seen everywhere; it has become a famous method of writing in present time. Blogging serves the purpose of business, journalism, entrepreneurship, marketing and also a means of expressing one's self. You may ken blogging as hobby, fad or passion and such wrong ideas might make you feel reluctant trying it out. Nevertheless, there are lots of compelling rationales to have a blog started.   Let’s begin with few interesting numbers: We have over 120 million active blog audience in U.S.A. Around 85% online blog readers have...
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How to Start a Blog

Have you been fondling with the thought of starting a blog but feeling a bit stuck? Well I am here to help you. Whether you want to be a work from home entrepreneur, publish a book or sharpen your writing skills, running a blog are a sure way to go.     I am going to be sharing with you some of the techniques I have used over the past years in running my blog. I have shared these techniques with so many other people who have also become successful...
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Tools I Use & Recommended Resources

For about two years or so since I started blogging, I have experimented with different kinds of tools for my blog. I will be sharing most of them here. In my two years of using these tools, my life as a blogger has been easier and smoother. It is for this reason that I recommend these tools for you. If you are ready, let’s get started. Domain Tools   Namecheap.com: Of all domain registrars, this is the one I recommend the most. As their name implies, they are one...
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Guidelines To Write Email Subject Lines that Make People Stop, Click, and Read

If you want to make your email marketing a success then you must have to give a special attention to your email subject lines, because they will decide if your subscribers want to really open it and actually wants to spend time reading it. It’s your foremost duty to make your email subject lines compelling and interesting.   It’s really important that you tempt your subscribers via your email subject lines so they actually want to click it further and ultimately go for your call to action links. Let’s...
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7 Fantastic Ideas to Exploit on Fiverr & Earn from Home

Fiverr – is a globalized marketplace with the perspective of making it possible for users to present their best services and to offer it starting from $5. It serves as the ideal place for users, experts and bloggers collectively wherein they can place their skill-sets, expertise and services on a display to meet the needs of potential buyers. If you know how to draw, sing, write, create videos or design something creative then Fiverr is the place to be. It is more profitable to those who are creative and...
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