How Your e-Commerce Business Can Navigate the Christmas Crunch

11/04/2021 2:30 AM by Admin in Tips

How Your e-Commerce Business Can Navigate the Christmas Crunch

Experts in retailing and supply chain management all agree that due to increased demand and insufficient supply due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Christmas period will be quite difficult for online businesses. This is because it is highly likely that a lot of products may not actually arrive in time, causing a whole bunch of dissatisfied customers. Nonetheless, despite these concerns, there is truly no need to worry. This is because the guide written for your reading pleasure below will show you how your e-commerce business can easily navigate the Christmas crunch. Read on now in order to get the full overview.

Have a Surplus of Goods

While conventional logic dictates that you should actually use lean principles — i.e., only having in stock what you need — this logic changes when it comes to the Christmas period and the huge demand that comes with it. To not be short-changed in December, it might be worth trying to get as many goods as possible right now. This way, if demand does surge, you will be able to meet it. If you happen to have too many goods after Christmas, then it might be worth having a huge Boxing Day clearing sale.

Find Willing Delivery Drivers Online

You will likely want to make sure that all your customers are getting their products on time. One way to deal with a particularly demanding period is by hiring extra workers. The great news is that you can use online sites to find drivers willing to work at short notice to be able to fill those gaps. You can look online to post the best shipping jobs that truckers will then be able to bid on.

Be Honest When You Don't Have Products

It's natural for your products to go out of stock, but it's best to be upfront about this phenomenon by quickly updating your website. This may seem like you lose a customer, but you can actually ask them to sign up to be emailed when your product goes back in stock, locking them in for a later purchase. As seen in the fashion industry, this kind of scarcity can be useful to drive up demand and can help your business tick over.

Find Local Manufacturers

If you want to make sure that you are not dealing with supply chain issues for your products stemming from deliveries from across the world not arriving in time, then there is a smart solution to that. If possible, it might make sense to look for a manufacture or packager that actually resides within the same country. This way, you can be sure to limit the time that it takes for these goods to arrive. Just be aware that you might actually end up paying more for products, but at least this time, you will know that they will arrive on time and ensure that you have many happy and satisfied customers who will be more likely to shop at your online store again.

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