The Importance Of An Internet Speed Test For Internet Connection

04/04/2019 2:00 AM by Admin in Internet

In today’s world, the internet has become a necessity to people. Television shows, sports, music, movies, and other entertainment content are being consumed widely from internet-based resources. Businesses are thriving because marketing has become digital, reaching more and more people. Banking and shopping has become easier and more convenient, and communication has never been as fast as it is today, all because of the internet.


But to have a good online experience overall, fast internet connection is needed. It’s not enough that you can access the internet; you should also consider its speed. You wouldn’t want to wait for an hour or two for your downloads to finish, and you might as well skip a lagging video stream when you’re watching or playing your online games, so you have to make sure that your internet connection is fast. The best way to do this is to perform an internet speed test and check the connection speed regularly.


Here are some of the reasons why using an internet speed test is important:


1. To know that you’re getting what you’ve paid for


An internet provider gives a specific internet speed for their monthly subscription, and to know that you’re getting what you’ve paid for, internet speed tests should be done to make sure that your internet service provider is telling the truth about the subscription’s internet speed.


For example, your provider stated that your monthly subscription has a 10 Mbps internet connection speed. But when you’re watching movies, uploading images on your social media business page, or just browsing the internet, it loads very slowly. When you tried checking your internet speed, it only shows 5 Mbps, which either means there must be a problem in your router that needs troubleshooting, or your internet provider did not disclose the real internet speed for the subscription package they offered. 


This should be a red flag, and you should be vigilant for this kind of issue. Try to check your internet speed every day, and if it is still slow after you’ve done a couple of troubleshoots, it’s time to ask your internet service provider what to do about it. Always be mindful and ask yourself if you’re really getting what you’re paying for, and if it’s worth it. You should find another internet provider that can be trusted when you’ve proven that the current company you’ve subscribed to is just ripping you off.


2. To know the best internet provider for you


Internet services have a tight competition in the marketplace today. Because of that, internet providers are offering great deals to their target market through a free one-month trial of internet connection. This will be a great advantage for you since you will know which of them are the best.


In order to do that, internet speed tests are important to perform. Try some of the internet services that provide this type of deals, and use internet speed tests to verify each one. That way, you will not just identify who has the best and fastest internet connection service, but you will also distinguish who among them are reputable and who are not.


However, other companies tend to give a very fast internet connection speed during their trial period to encourage prospects to subscribe to their product, so you have to be vigilant about this as well. You can look at their website and see some reviews and comments from their current and past clients to make sure they are reliable.


3. To know the number of people who are using your internet


Some people still don’t know how to put passwords on their wi-fi, and this might be one of the reasons why your internet is very slow. Apart from those who are with you at home, other people might be connecting to your wi-fi connection as well if you don’t have a password put in place. In addition, numerous innovative tricks and methods are available all over the web to bypass a wi-fi passcode, so some people can manage to hack your password without you knowing it.


This is why internet speed tests are important so you can identify who, other than you and your family, are getting the benefits of a fast internet speed. Put a strong password for your wi-fi by putting a combination of symbols, numbers, and lowercase and uppercase letters so you can make it more secure and harder to guess.



Regular internet speed testing is important because this is where you’ll know if your internet speed connection is fast and true to your provider’s claims. Whether you’re using the internet for business purposes, research, communication, and others, make it a habit to check its speed regularly to avoid any disturbance and delays with the tasks you’re doing on the web.

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