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CF = Citation Flow, TF = Trust Flow, EB = External Backlinks, RD = Referring Domains, PROX = No more proxies are available to check remaining domains
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Bulk Majestic Checker

About Bulk Majestic Checker

When it comes to link intelligence database, Majestic SEO has made its way to the top. Among the few companies that establish their own web indexes, Majestic has also built their own. The company engineered this tool only for determining how websites on the internet are linked to each other. While all other products have associated premiums, this tool is provided without any hidden charges.


The page rank metrics of Google have lost its popularity over the past years. Hence, SEOMoz's MozRank and Domain Authority providers have made advancements, as they become the popular choices among internet consumers nowadays. With this ongoing trend, Majestic innovated itself with competence by launching new flow metrics that are perceived to be more serviceable evaluation metrics to any kinds of URL, sub and root domains.


Trust Flow and Citation Flow:

This flow metric is categorized into two: trust flow and citation flow.


Trust flow predicts how trustworthy a particular URL page will be. This puts basis on the level of value or quality of backlinks that points to the site. The links that are rooted from trustworthy neighbors have greater trust flow compared to those that are associated to non-authoritative, non-trustworthy neighbors.


Citation flow, on the other hand, is metric that provides prediction to the level of influence that a particular URL have based on the number of links or domains pointed to it. In this case, the quality of links is not considered.


Keep in mind that both citation flow and trust flow have flow metric values that are different from Google. While the latter have 99 on both metric flows, the former ranges between 0 and 100. Moreover, Search Engine Land’s citation flow metrics is 75 and trust flow metrics is 64 while Search Engine Round Table has a 69-citation flow metric value and 43-trust flow metric value.