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Bulk SEO Checker

About Bulk SEO Checker Tools

Bulk SEO Checker is a multiple purpose tool; it can perform the different type of mass domain info checks at once. So, that means you don't have to spend much time and efforts on using these tools one by one to analyze your domain authority. Because with this compact idea, you'll get all of the SEO checks in once place along with bulk URL support.


List of tasks you can perform with this:

1. Domain Authority
2. Page Authority
3. Moz Rank
4. Alexa Rank
5. IP Address
6. Google Index


And the last one that becomes available after the successful check is "Download CSV", that means you can also export the report in MS Excel sheet for later usage.

To support this tool, please send us Moz API keys, you can register your free account. As, you don't have to be a Pro member to get the API.

1. Log into your Moz account

2. Get your API Credentials. Open the Get Started tab on the Mozscape API page. Read and then check the box to accept the terms of service, and then click "Generate Secret Key" to generate both an Access ID and a Secret Key.