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The Get HTTP Headers is a powerful tool that will help you in getting HTTP headers. As you know, every website address as seen on the browser address bar always starts with HTTP. So what are HTTP headers? First, HTTP means hypertext transfer protocol, a protocol recognized by the entire World Wide Web. This type of protocol was established in the 1990s. Remember, HTTP headers are important components of both HTTP requests and responses because they carry important data revealing the requested page, the client browser and the server, among others.


Get HTTP Headers will help you learn of significant data, including server, HTTP, content type, connection, time and date, among others. By using the Get HTTP Headers, you will learn and inspect the HTTP headers that a particular web server gives back when you’re requesting a URL. This tool can also work with HTTP URLs and HTTPS.


But wait. Do not think that the tool is hard to use; in fact, it just takes a few seconds before it could return the results you are looking for. Just type in the URL into the query box and press the checker button before pressing the button for checking. And there you have it! You will be able to fetch important data about the client browser, the server and the requested page, alongside other important details.


The Get HTTP Headers is one of the most used SEO tools on this website because it gives users an idea about certain HTTP headers, an all-important part of their SEO efforts. So don’t let significant information using this tool that requires no database and download at all.  You can use it even if you don’t have any programming or coding skills, too. It works for newbie and veteran SEO professionals as well as website and blog site owners.