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What is HTML Encoding?

Encrypting is a process of encoding data so that it cannot be read by people without a key. This process is done by converting the original data into a code, which can only be decoded using the correct key/ algorithm.

Encrypting is done for various reasons, including to protect sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorized parties, to prevent tampering and to stop any unauthorized use of the data.

How to Use HTML as a Technology For Marketing Purposes

HTML is a markup language that is used to create web pages. It is not a programming language, but it can be used as one. HTML helps in defining the structure of a document and provides meaning to content, thereby making it possible to display it in a browser.

HTML has been around for over 30 years and has been updated with new features over the years. The latest version of HTML is called HTML5 which was finalized in 2014 and introduced many new features like audio and video tags, canvas element, etc.

The most important use case for HTML is that it can be used to develop websites with interactive content which are more engaging for users.

How to Boost Your Website's Security with a Few Steps via HTML Encoding or Code Masking

The first step to increase your website security is to use a code masker. Code masking is the process of encoding your website's HTML code so that it cannot be read by bots or other malicious entities.

The second step is to use a html decoder which will decode your website's HTML and make it readable again. This will allow you to make changes or additions to the code without having a negative effect on the security of your site.