How to Secure Funding for Your SEO Start-Up

12/11/2019 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

If you’ve worked in the SEO industry for a while, or if you possess excellent SEO knowledge and business sense, then you may be thinking of starting an SEO agency. SEO is big business, with many companies using it at the core of their digital marketing strategy to get ahead of the competition, so there’s potentially a lot of money to be made.

However, you may be wondering how to cover the initial costs when you start your business.

Here are some ideas to get your start-up off the ground.

Think about how much you really need

While it would be nice to start an agency with an office in the right zip code and lots of expensive laptops, the truth is, many SEO agencies start off with one person and their laptop. The great thing about starting an SEO business is that start up costs can be incredibly low, you can find free SEO tools online, and using social media means cheap, targeted advertising. Visit Backlinko for help.

However, it may be worth investing in more reliable technology, and for that you can look at companies who offer small loans such as Cashlady.

Consider funding it yourself

Because SEO start-up costs are fairly low, you may decide to fund the costs yourself. Many people start this kind of business as a side hustle, perhaps buying a domain and doing some social media marketing in their spare time, then seeing if they can build it into a full-time enterprise. It can be helpful to keep your day job while you build your self-employed income, but you should ensure you’re not breaking the terms of your contract if you do so.

While it can be hard work, once you have a solid client base, you may be able to just focus on the SEO work.

Find a small loans specialist

Many banks will have a minimum amount they’ll lend for businesses, and their decision whether to lend will depend on a number of factors. In most cases, you’ll need a business plan, projections and more. However, if you’re only looking for a small loan and know you can pay it back fairly quickly, you might want to search for online loans and find a lender who works with small, short-term borrowing. This will give you enough to pay off those early costs such as online marketing, domain names and registering your business.

Consider crowdfunding

If you have a good business idea and are willing to put together a convincing introduction, then crowdfunding might be an option for your business. Some websites including Seedrs and Virgin Startup offer a way to connect investors with those starting a business, so once you turn a profit, you pay them back. Usually investors will own a percentage of your business or get a certain amount of interest in addition to their return, so think long and hard before going down this route.

It’s not always easy to start your own business, especially when it comes to funding, but if you are starting an SEO agency, then you may find that you can start your empire on a shoestring budget, and can enjoy the freedom that being self-employed brings.

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