12 Reasons Why a Blog Should be Started

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12 Reasons a Blog Should be Started

Blogging can be seen everywhere; it has become a famous method of writing in present time. Blogging serves the purpose of business, journalism, entrepreneurship, marketing and also a means of expressing one's self. You may ken blogging as hobby, fad or passion and such wrong ideas might make you feel reluctant trying it out. Nevertheless, there are lots of compelling rationales to have a blog started.


Let’s begin with few interesting numbers:

  • We have over 120 million active blog audience in U.S.A. Around 85% online blog readers have trust and believe in the advice as well as information gotten from bloggers.
  • Purchases have been made by 63% of consumers on the recommendations of bloggers.
  • Around 92% of firms get customers through the help of blogging.
  • 63% of online readers are often influenced through blog posts other than magazines.


Out of the different hobbies you will have in life, only few have the ability to improve or influence your life the way blogging would. Whatever is your reason for creating a blog, you will certainly get the benefits of blogging which is beyond only making money.


1. It Is Easy to Start a Blog

Blogging is accessible as well as easy. It does not require experience, technical knowledge, investment, labor or without any form of programming abilities, you can make use of cheap companies such as Bluehost or HostGator to create your website within 20 minutes. Blogging is also important especially if it is for profit making, little or no investment is required as well as no limit to entry unlike some business ventures. Some other businesses need capital to employ manpower, to purchase equipment or operate on large scale whereas; a blog can be started with less than $30.


2. Become A Good Writer

Blogging will change your writing as well as make you a good writer. Writing and other forms of communication improves as long as you keep practicing particularly when there is feedback. Blogging is good for writers who wishes to enhance because there will be natural improvement as you continue to publish more posts and also articles. Becoming a good writer is a good advantage which will help for your entire years because writing is a skill that has value.


3. Live Better Intentional Life

As soon as you start to write and share your life and even thoughts, you will start to deliberately form the occurrences that put up your story. There will be meaning to every decision, act, and thought.

For example, if you create a blog on food and determine to list your daily meal, having the mind to feed healthier, you will make good decisions and you will also be accountable. It will also make you to pay attention to things as you research every spheres of life. Just to be accountable is a good reason to begin blogging now.


4. Influence Others

Blogging does not only influence your life but that of your readers as well. You don't want to agree? Have a second thought.

Blogs are not only free but also accessible to all with the internet expansion. In the actual sense, when you publish your thoughts, advice and also ideas, you are giving public service. Anytime you broadcast a post, you are also giving motivation, inspiration and education to your audience, by that involving yourself in symbolic network. Services, businesses, art, philosophies as well as other blogs which you appreciate also found useful can be recommended to your readers. Such ideas are good for people involved. Sharing such ideas feels great, maximizes the actual positive experience, as well as advantageous to artists, readers, authors and also businesses. Your blog can also serve as a medium for people to get useful information.

Giving information on subjects like DIY to remedial suggestions can assist readers facing life challenges as well as difficult circumstances. Since it is difficult to discuss some problems in person, blog serves as a useful resort for readers who need anonymous help.


5. Enhance Yourself

The more you get into blogging, the deeper you think; irrespective of your topics. By critically considering your ideas, several ideologies or the world you are in, and getting a means of relating your ideas to your readers, will definitely make you think deeper. Your reasoning muscles are exercised when you research on new ideas, have your argument written and also have your opinions explored.

You should also consider other people's point of view and allow flexibility in your opinion. The major difference between your blog and the original author is that it is possible for you and your readers to exchange ideas at the comment section. Giving response to comments can help to affirm and also strengthen your post when needed.

Lastly, creating a blog helps to realize personal discoveries like journalism does. Blogging enhances your memory as well as motivates you in exploring your life emotionally in good ways. Your blog can also be used as a record for keeping your story and build your confidence as you see the uniqueness in your story.


6. Develop Healthier Living Habit

Healthy living habits like good diet, stress management, exercise as well as discipline and dedication are requirements for bloggers who want success. For example, you can get certain helps on a blog which can see you through the depression of life crisis.


7. Create a Forum for Ideas

One major purpose of creating blogs is to be distinct, and also start a discussion on an issue that is important to you. Blogs on important issue can create connection between people of like minds and also provide essential information to the audience. If a topic interests you, you can express yourself, create awareness and involve others through blogging.


8. Being Flexible and Free

Being a blogger fully makes you more flexible and free other than people working in offices or those who literarily have different jobs. Freelancers who love being free can also get more strategies being a blogger. Having an effective blog gives you freedom when needed.


9. Add Value and Market Yourself to Be an Expert

Blogging is an ideal way to develop yourself in your area of expertise. Branding expertise have agreed that by emphasizing on what you know as an expert legitimizes your business and also makes your potential clients to be more interested in you. Having a successful blog which portrays you as being the "thought leader" proves you as a good source of expert advice.


10. Interconnect - Develop Relationships

As soon as you own a successful blog, it will be surprising how you make new friends and develop online relationships easily. You will get comments, followers, e-mail and likes on social media networks and related contacts. Most of the contact will be friendly and you will also find it advantageous. And also getting positive replies from your readers will be a significant push.

For social motives, blogging is likewise great. By starting a blog, it is easy to meet new people and find people of like minds as well as sharing opinions across social, geographical and also political boundaries actualized. Being a blogger, it is possible you meet several other bloggers and audience who are willing to share opinions and assist mutually in their career. This can aid the development of your ideas, writing skills and knowledge to the subsequent level.


11. Offline Business Development

Blogging can be used to create brand awareness, get new customers, market goods or services for businesses. For businesses such as graphics designer, financial advisors, consultants, lawyers, restaurant retailers, doctors and more, such development can be applied. Companies that blog get 95% increased inbound links, making them to have more visitors as well as more sales.


12. Make Money by Blogging

Your love for blogging should not be based on money making, but to get money online at times will never hurt. It does not matter how much you make per animal that matters is that you are pursuing your passion and also make money doing so. To earn money on blogging, place ads through Google AdSense, be attached and also promote goods and services, publish sponsored reviews, and lots more.

Being creative is the main thing that determines how money is made while blogging, also the best aspect is that you can sell your blogs which yield interest unlike your career/job.


There Are Many More Reasons to Start a Blog

There are different excellent reasons to start a blog, so it is worth it to try it out. What genuine excuse must you give before you create yours, considering its advantage against little cost?

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