The Favorites: Top 10 SEO Tools for You

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Top 10 SEO Tools for You

Building a website is no joke especially if you’re doing it for business. You need to be knowledgeable about different techniques to optimize your site and have a large following; you need to properly apply them as well. You need to monitor the progress of your site and closely look at its maintenance. Dear, that’s a lot of tasks! Good thing modern technology has made possible the existence of numerous SEO tools that can make website maintenance a lot easier. Are you using these tools? Which is your favorite?


What’s in Them for You?

If you’re just starting to establish a website, you might not be that familiar with the subject of this discussion. Basically, SEO tools can help you attract more visitors, track the overall performance of your site, and make some improvements. They are your buddies that play very big roles in the success of your website. Without them, it will be very hard for you to succeed as a webmaster especially during these days when the competition gets really tough.


Best SEO Tools for You

Below are some of the best SEO tools that greatly satisfy a lot of website owners. You might want to try them as well.


1. Google Analytics (GA)

GA was launched by Google in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. It is often regarded as the best SEO tool, and why not? Aside from tracking and reporting your website’s traffic, it helps you understand your visitors. It enables you to learn how they interact with your site! Also, you get to understand the behaviors of various internet users apart from your visitors. What could be better than that?

2. Google Search Console

This is one of the first tools that should enter your mind when building a website. Google Search Console provides you the knowledge about how Google works – how it crawls and analyzes your site. It helps you discover problems that may affect your site’s rankings and/or user experience. Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, it was renamed as Google Search Console in May 20, 2015.

3. Google Keyword Planner

Would you like to know what people search for? Google Keyword Planner makes it possible for you! This tool is beneficial to you, whether you are new to online advertising or already a pro. Search for keyword ideas, see how they might perform, and even create your own keyword list! It also enables you to pick budgets and bids for your campaigns.

4. Keyword Snatcher

Searching for potential long-tail keywords? Keyword Titan can help you! Use it, and you will certainly obtain a long list of keyword options. Take note, these are long-tail keywords that are easy to rank, for they are not specifically targeted by other websites. Data are pulled from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon and eBay’s auto-suggest. Meanwhile, Keyword Titan can also help you with your content; you can use it to find brilliant ideas.

5. Wayback Machine

If you’re looking for a complete historical archive, here’s the Wayback Machine! This tool is a digital archive on the internet that allows users to see archived versions of various web pages. Use it, and it will be possible for you to see how a website looks like back in a certain day. Lots of data can possibly be lost each day; hence the importance of archiving the internet.

6. Hootsuite

It is a social media managing system that takes the form of a dashboard. If you need to promote new content, then you can certainly rely on this tool. It supports integration for various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. With Hootsuite, managing social media channels becomes a lot faster and easier.

7. SEO Quake Toolbar

This tool shows all necessary types of information that you need to see – page rank, links, shares, data on traffic, and a lot more. You can likewise find different tips on how to manage these data. SEO Quake Toolbar helps website owners in dealing with internet promotion and search engine optimization. Using this tool will enable you to investigate numerous SEO parameters that might be important for present and future use.

8. GTmetrix

Looking for a tool that is both systematic and user-friendly? If so, GTmetrix would be a perfect choice for you! It examines page speed, analyzes your website, and shows various opportunities on how to improve your site’s performance. GTmetrix is more advanced compared to other speed testing services.

9. Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT)

Want to know how Bing treats your website?  Probably! And BWT can make it happen. It likewise offers various benefits – information about clicks to your website and volume of search queries, insights into crawling, indexation, and a lot more factors that can affect your site’s performance.

10. Moz

Moz has numerous tools that are indeed beneficial and easy to use: Followerwonk that enables you to see data on Twitter, Open Site Explorer that estimates link equity, SERP Overlay that enables you to see OSE metrics on individual search results, Moz local that is mostly beneficial to you if you’re starting local SEO on your site, and Mozbar that allows you to quickly use Moz’s primary features for your site.

So, there! Have you named your favorite? Indeed, it pays to use these tools when establishing a website. You can rely on them as you build your site, monitor it, and continuously improve it.

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