What is Link Building, and Why is It Important? (Infographic)

05/20/2016 2:30 PM by Admin in Link building

Writing killer blog posts is a great start for ranking well on organic search results, but it’s only the beginning. To truly elevate your website or blog, you need to start generating high-quality backlinks. Put simply, a backlink is a link from an external website to a page on your own. They come in all shapes and sizes, but you’re going to need them to find success online.


Today I’ll show you why backlinks are important, and which ones represent the quality you need. We’ll follow that up with an infographic filled with the latest and greatest link building strategies for 2016 and beyond.


The Power and Importance of Backlinks (Infographic)

In the beginning, backlinks were easy to get and it didn’t matter how many you had or where they came from. They were good times, but ultimately they didn’t lend well to a great user experience, so Google brought down the hammer with their Penguin algorithm update.


These days, your backlinks need to follow a few industry standards if you want them to help (not hurt) your site’s rankings:

  • They should come a variety of websites
  • Links should point to various pages on your site
  • Your backlinks should be relevant to the readers that are coming to your site.
  • The link should be inside of a page’s content.
  • There should be a mix of DoFollow and NoFollow links in your profile
  • The anchor text should also be varied and relevant to the destination page.


Building links involves doing things like email outreach and guest posting. Check out the infographic below from onblastblog to find out more about today’s top strategies. Let us know how it helped you in the comments below! Also you can buy DA40-DA100 backlinks from as low as $1 per Link!

How To Build Links

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