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What Is A Link Shortener?

A link shortener is a website or a service that allows you to shorten the URL of a web page, video, or any other type of content. Many people use link shorteners because they can make the links easier to share on social media and other platforms.

Link shorteners are also used by marketers who want to track their links for marketing purposes. The shortened URLs do not contain any personally identifiable information about the person who clicked on it.

A shortened URL can be created with a service provider such as bit.ly, tinyurl.com and many more. There are also url shortening services that offer free and paid versions of their services.

How Can You Track Your Links So They're Not Lost?

Link tracking is a crucial aspect of SEO. If you know the links that are driving traffic to your site, then you can optimize them and make sure they're not lost.

There are a few ways to track your links. You can use Google Analytics and create a custom URL (UTM Parameters) for every link on your site. You can also use third-party services like Bitly or Owly (Hoostsuite), which shorten URLs and provide analytics for them.

With this Bulk URL shortener you can shorten any long weblink into the most possible shortened address. This tool currently has 31 link shortening services, that means with just a single click it'll shorten your link through all of services. It is first of it's kind tool available over the web. Also it has export feature to save your URLs into plain text file.