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The URL Encoder Decoder is one of the handiest tools to use for your SEO advantage. On this page, you will learn how this important tool for search engine optimization works and how it can be of good use for you.  It works in an instant and without any hassle on your end.


What you only have to do is to input a text/url string before encoding and decoding it, as you like. It works so easily that you won’t have to memorize any computer language or code to get started. The URL Encoder Decoder has done all the technical stuff you would need to make it work. Plus, you won’t now have to use the services of a website master to do the URL encoding and decoding for you! The URL Encoder Decoder benefits people and marketers who want to turn their JavaScript URLs from a 100% gibberish form into a very readable form.


Remember though, this URL Encoder Decoder is provided without any guarantee or warranty at all. The use of this tool is not guaranteed to work well in your specific browser. It may crash or not, all about user-to-user specific experience. Without even saying, you should use the URL-ED and be ready for any consequence it may present before your eyes.


Are you wondering why and when to use a URL encoding tool? Remember, when any data is submitted from its HTML form, this form field starts encoding the names and values before sending such to the server using an HTTP request message through the method ‘POST’ or ‘GET’ or through email, historically.


There you have the basics to know about the URL Encoder Decoder to use for encoding and decoding URL in a manner you want them to appear. Do not think twice utilizing this no-download tool for yourself today!