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User experience is paramount importance for most website owners. And for that purpose, there is the Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator. It helps you in simulating your website pages as they appear in different screen resolutions.  All you have to do is to enter your domain name and choose the screen resolution that you want to use to check for your site’s appearance as per screen resolution setting. You can gain an instant insight on how your website page is appearing per screen resolution available from user to user.


You can choose varying pixel settings, including 160 x 160 and 320 x 320 pixels, among others. By choosing and using a wide range of pixel setting for a specific screen resolution, you will be able to check your site pages and the manner in which each of them appears per pixel setting.


You can switch or change resolution to view website pages manually, and this tool allows you to do just that.


Without any prior knowledge in adjusting screen resolution, you will be able to simulate any web page and see how it appears per screen resolution setting. Using a single click, generate the results you are looking for!


And why do you need to check for screen resolution using the Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator? It is very important that you see how your page is usable or not per user under each of their particular screen resolution, especially if you are using a multi-column page layout.  Of course, you won’t want your users leave just because they cannot view your pages well using their specific screen resolution.  And because the tool is customizable to work under specific screen resolution settings, you can see how your pages appear under different screen resolutions.


For the best results in checking and simulating your website pages, use only the Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator today!