Mistakes People Make When Building and Designing A Website

05/07/2019 6:30 PM by Admin in Blogging

Because of the advent of technology, a website is already considered as a necessity for businesses. Regardless of how innovative your products and services are, if you don’t have an updated and functional website, you would still have a hard time attracting customers and earning a profit. This is one of the most obvious reasons why businesses should exert time and effort in creating their own websites. A website can play a vital role in the success of a business because it can become a powerful tool for marketing, customer engagement, and conflict resolution.

Finding a resource to help you build and design a website is quite easy. If you already have plans in what tools to use for your own website, you can, for example, check a Wix review, which talks about the website builder Wix to determine if it’s the right fit for your website creation plans.

If you want to end up having an effective website, you shouldn’t only pay attention to the do’s of the process; you should also be keen on the don’ts, which can include the following:


1.    The website has a lot of things going on all at once.

There are a lot of reasons why you have decided to build and design a website, but for sure, your reason will always include your intention to educate the public about your existence. This is your first step to engage with your target audience and, hopefully, turn them into paying customers. However, your website won’t be able to deliver a clear message if several things are happening at the same time. Avoid bombarding your online visitors with too many texts and images as this will only slow down your website, causing your online visitors to leave.


2.    The website has too little things going on.

In order to avoid the first mistake, you might already be thinking about minimizing the content of your website, which means lesser texts and images. Minimalism is an ongoing trend in business, but when it comes to a website, it doesn’t always guarantee positive results. If there is too little information about your business, online visitors will keep guessing about your business and offerings, and that’s not a good thing.


3.    The website is simply confusing.

A business website shouldn’t have too much or too little. It should have the perfect balance of uniqueness, design, and information. However, you can’t possibly achieve this goal if your website uses different color palettes, themes, and fonts. This will not only diminish the interest of your online visitors and fail to increase online traffic, but this can also create a negative brand for your business.


4.    The website has a terrible call-to-action button.

As a business, you’re using your website to gain customers. With the information posted online, you’re hoping that this is enough to get the attention of your online visitors. This is the reason why the call-to-action button of your website is important. This button basically serves as the gateway for your online visitors to do something in response to your business. This might only be a button in your website, but if you want to attract as many customers as possible, you should avoid creating a CTA button that is dull, confusing, and uninformative.


5.    The website doesn’t know how to use content.

If you’re aware of the concept of digital marketing, you’ll know how important content is. As they say, content is king in the World Wide Web. However, no matter how informative your content is, if this is poorly formatted, no one would bother reading it. As a business, you should know how to use content in the best way possible while incorporating images and the right formatting. You should also be adept about the principles of whitespace and use it on your own website.


6.    The website has ugly or irrelevant images.

As mentioned, images and content should always go together. Using images in your website is important because it breaks the monotony of texts, injects humor, and helps explain technical information. But if you’re only using images just for the sake of it, don’t expect that these will help bring in customers and profit. Adding images on your website can be helpful, but you should make sure that the images are relevant and of high-quality.


Think Long-Term

Building and designing a website will usually require a lot of time and money from you. If you don’t know how to make one on your own, you’ll have to hire professionals to do it on your behalf. All of the investments required from you might be challenging, but once you’re able to reap the rewards of an effective website, you’ll realize that the effort you’ve put into it will be well worth it.

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