Wordplay Review 2023 - Best AI Content Writing Tool For SEO?

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WordPlay Review 2023 - Long-Form AI Writer: Overview, Benefits, Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing, Lifetime Deal, and Alternatives

Wordplay long-form SEO content writer

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Are you looking for a good AI writing tool? Well, you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll review an AI writing tool best used for SEO content creation and will also provide basic information about some other available options. So you can choose which one will work best for you.

Writing content is very important for developing businesses, yet it is also very challenging. Besides the fact that it is very time-consuming, but also not everyone has the ability to do this. Writing is a skill which many of us lack.

In the previous couple of years, I have spent a lot of money on AI writing tools. Some writing tools were worth the money, and some were not. I found WordPlay a few days back, while looking for good writing tools on Appsumo. I decided to give it a try because the Appsumo deals come with the 60 days refund policy, and to my wonderful little treat, when I wrote my very first article with this amazing tool, the content quality was so extraordinarily well.

This review will help you distinguish whether WordPlay can create great content for your business and if it merits your time and money.

What is WordPlay?

WordPlay is an outstanding tool that helps you with creating long articles for up to 1500 words with just a single click. You just have to do is a very little effort and WordPlay handles the hard part. The article creation requires some time in processing and the result will be surprisingly good.

It is very easy to use. Simply paste your article heading into the text field, pick at least one caption, and click “Submit” and watch your article spring up after a brief timeframe.

My Personal Experience with WordPlay:

I have the ability to write content, but because of laziness; I am unable to publish a lot of content for SEO purposes, but by getting my hands over WordPlay, I found the solution. It helped me to get more content published and assisted me with ranking higher on Google than ever before. This tool helps me with writing long-form and high-quality content with a very minor effort.

When first time I decided to try this tool, I experimented different things with 4 article generations. The outcomes worked out shockingly well for 3 of them. The fourth one was more specialized and technical, so it’s justifiable that it wasn't perfect. I can say that in each of the four cases, I had significantly less work on my hands to finish the article off–thus it is worth the effort. Indeed, it is more costly than other AI writing tools on Appsumo, but at the same it’s not letting out language. I lean toward quality and efficiency. I’m eagerly waiting to see that what features and improvements they make in the coming years.

Compared with different other AI writers I took a stab at (including WordHero, Rytr and Grammarly), it is truly among the best.


How WordPlay is Different?

I have used many other writing tools which were significantly more centered around writing short-forms of 50-100 characters all at once, yet took some time to write a full article. WordPlay assists me with making that whole article simply by writing the article title (with flexibility to add subheadings too).

The other writing tools which I had used were including WordHero, Rytr and Grammarly, but found WordPlay best of them in writing long-form content in bulk and fastly. WordHero and Rytr helped me in writing short-form content excellently. They also have the long-form editor, but for creating long-form content you have to set multiple things, which is a time taking process and requires more effort than WordPlay.

I’ll prefer WordHero and Rytr in view of how much content you want to generate. But they can’t create content with just a single click, as you can do this in WordPlay.

But there are many other advantages of using the WordHero and Rytr AI writing tools. To know more about them, you can check my WordHero review and Rytr review here.

A couple of years back I had also used Grammarly, it is basically a grammar checker and a plagiarism checker tool. At that time, I tried its free version for proofreading purposes for my articles, book parts, and social media posts. It helped me a lot in finding and fixing silly writing mistakes in my blogs and articles. From that time, this tool has developed into a strong writing assistant.

To read more about Grammarly, check my in-depth Grammarly review here.

Benefits of Using WordPlay

This AI writing tool comes with many benefits, as mentioned below;

Provide High Quality Content:
This is one of the amazing benefits of using WordPlay. It provides you with high quality and long-form content with just a click away.

Save Your Time:
WordPlay assists you with limiting your writing time, and it is also one of the greatest benefits of utilizing this AI writing tool. You can easily and quickly create excellent content with this AI assistant.

Plagiarism-Free Content:
WordPlay helps you in generating plagiarism-free and user-friendly content in a very little time frame.

Easy to Use:
It is very simple to use this AI writing tool. You simply need to do a tiny exertion and then WordPlay will do wonders for you.

Who can Get Advantage from WordPlay?

Anybody can benefit from this amazing AI writing tool, especially the ones who need to create content for SEO and guest posting purposes. Also, this will be particularly a great help for:

WordPlay AI Writing tool can help the bloggers in writing the new content ideas with a minor effort.

Businesses can utilize this amazing writing tool to deliver high grade content for their website.

WordPlay helps SEO experts in creating new content ideas for their link building campaigns and social media marketing.

Students can get help from WordPlay in writing research projects, long essays and other scholarly content.

WordPlay helps marketers in producing interesting and convincing content that will further assist them in reaching their targeted audience.

Features of WordPlay

Get High Quality Long-Form Content in a Single Click:

High quality long form content is one of the significant features of WordPlay AI Writing tool.

It is an extraordinary AI tool to produce excellent articles in a very short timeframe.

This tool permits the AI to write whole novels, normally streaming articles with only the click of a button, radically cutting down the time and money required to create content.

Bulk Article Creator:
WordPlay assists you with creating multiple articles at once. WordPlay’s Bulk Creation Mode makes it simple to scale your content process. It is the best way to create fresh content at scale.

SEO Optimized Content:
Google uses AI to assess the quality and significance of content. In this way, the most effective way to ensure your content is optimized for these calculations is to utilize an AI tool yourself. WordPlay’s AI content creator utilizes a similar sort of profound learning models to produce content that Google utilizes to assess content. So WordPlay won’t just write superior grade and helpful content, it also generates the content in such a way that Google’s algorithms will normally adore and rank.


How to Use WordPlay & How it Works?

Now, in this section, I’ll discuss how to use this AI writing tool and how it actually works.

For using this tool, first of all you have to do is Login to WordPlay. After logging in, a screen showing all the features will appear.

Wordplay member screen

First one is the “My Projects” page, which shows the list of articles you have created. You can preview each article here.

Wordplay my projects feature


Then there comes the “Create Content” page. It has three modes.

First one is the CREATE NEW ARTICLE; in this we can create a single article. For this, all you have to do is to write an article title, then add subheadings. Word count depends upon the number of subheadings you add. If you increase the number of subheadings, then word count is also going to increase. You can add up to 12 different article subheadings; the subheadings will basically direct the tool to write about certain topics from the article title.

Wordplay create new article

Next one is the BULK CREATION MODE; there’s a content template sample and you can fill in the details for as many articles as you want. Sample contains your article title and then subheadings. The more subheadings you add into a CSV file, the longer the article is going to be. You can basically write a content outline here, and for each row is going to create the new article which you uploaded with those subheadings, so this can give you more control over the exactly what you want the AI to write and once you have done, then upload the CSV, then it will create all the articles for you. You can also download the sample, which you can see below:

Wordplay bulk creation mode

Third one is the AI MODE; this is the new feature that we have in WordPlay. All you have to do in this is to select the article length, write your full article titles in the box given there. Article titles should be more descriptive if you want the AI to give you better results, and it will automatically create all the subheadings for you. All you have to do is to come with the article titles. You don’t need to come with any subheadings or anything like that and let the AI accomplish remaining work. Further project name and project description are also there, which are only for the internal use, so you can find whatever project this is.

Wordplay ai mode

Then comes the “My Usage”; in this Queue has the list of articles, which are not completed yet but about to complete soon. And then in the Complete section, you have the list of all the completed articles.

Wordplay my usage page

Next are the “Add Ons” and “Billing”; in the addons section you can download and install WordPress Plugin to import articles directly from your Wordplay account to WordPress. Also, you can reach out to Wordplay’s support team to request another add-on.

In the billing section, you can upgrade/ make changes to your plan.

Wordplay addons

How to Create a Single Article in WordPlay?

Click on the Create Content, you have two ways to create a single article.

First one is to keep on the main tab which is “Create New Article”. You need to write your article title along with subheadings here, you can add up to 12 subheadings. If you don’t want to write the subheadings, you can only come up with the article titles and then let the AI do the rest.

Second one is the AI Mode, select the article length and then add article titles. You can add multiple titles, one in each line. Then it will create articles for you.

Let’s move on to “how to actually create a single article”. First of all, write the article title in the box given, then add subheadings. The best way to come up with the subheadings is to see which is already ranking on Google, then use the ideas provided by Google about your article or choose the best among them. Then click on the Proceed & Submit Job and you’ll get the desired result.

How to Create Bulk Articles in WordPlay?

Let’s get straight into it. Two different ways to do this, we have a “Bulk Creation Mode” option over there and an “AI Mode” in WordPlay. In bulk creation mode, we will use a CSV file to create articles in each line that you add into this file. So to do that, just click on the Download the Content Template, it will basically give you exactly this file.

Wordplay sample file

If you don’t want to define the subheadings, let’s say if you just want the article titles, then you can go to the “AI Mode” and select the article length here and then write as many titles as you want, one title in one line. Now to use the actual bulk creation mode, we have to add up to 12 subheadings in the CSV file; the more subheadings you add, the longer the article is going to be. Once you are done with this, click on the Upload CSV. This is going to create a new project which will have all the articles within that project.

Putting WordPlay to the Test

There is no purpose in writing this review if I didn’t test this AI writer and show the results in front of you.

Example 1: 5 Legitimate Ways to Work From Home
Example 2: Top Ways to Make Money Online With Your Website
Example 3: Make Money Online by Writing Articles


Pros and Cons

WordPlay is an AI writing assistant that can help you in generating better content. It is very simple to use. Like other AI writing tools, WordPlay also has some drawbacks. Pros and cons of this AI tool are given below;

  • It generates high quality long-structure content.
  • It has the ability to create content in bulk.
  • It creates plagiarism-free and user-friendly content.
  • It has the feature to publish directly into the WordPress site.
  • Expensive than other writing tools.
  • Word limits are extremely low. While generating long blog posts, higher word counts are required and the only choice is to pay $299 per month to straightforwardly utilize the 300,000 words quota.
  • Missing voice tone options. (Like informative, thoughtful, convincing etc.)

Pricing and Plans

WordPlay offers two types of plan including, monthly and a yearly plan. If you are eager to pay annually, you will get a 40% Discount.

The details of the plans are given below;

Basic Plan:
This plan will cost you $49 when paid monthly and $29 when paid yearly. In this plan, you will get 50,000 words each month. Basic plan helps you to generate full length blog articles in bulk.

Pro Plan:
This plan costs you around $99 when paid monthly and $59 if paid yearly. You will get 100,000 words each month. Pro Plan helps you in producing even more bulk content.

Mass Plan:
Mass plan costs you $299 when you choose to pay monthly and $179 if you pay yearly. In this plan, you will get 300,000 words each month. This plan assists you with generating an insane amount of content.

Note: The word count will remain the same, no matter which subscription plan you choose; either it is monthly or yearly.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee:

All these plans come with the 30 Day money-back guarantee. If WordPlay fails to provide you satisfaction within the first 30 days of purchasing, then you are free to request a refund.

Lifetime Deal

You can avail the lifetime deal of WordPlay on Appsumo. This will cost you only $99 one time payment. In this lifetime deal, you will get 7500 words each month. This deal gives you a 60 days money-back guarantee, no matter what is the reason. You can additionally stack 2-4 codes, if you need additional words in this deal. Detail is mentioned below:

  • Stack 2 codes for 15,000 words each month
  • Stack 3 codes for 22,000 words each month
  • Stack 4 codes for 30,000 words each month

Alternatives to WordPlay:

If you’re searching for WordPlay’s more capable alternative, then you must check the below mentioned one:


ArticleForge is also an AI writing tool. It writes unique, on point and top-notch articles with the click of a button.

This content generator tool was born out of five years of artificial intelligence research, and its profound learning models are prepared on a huge number of articles, so it can write wisely on basically any topic. ArticleForge permits the AI to write unique and user-friendly articles with just the click of a button, the same as you can do in WordPlay. So, it is the best alternative to WordPlay.

Final Thoughts about WordPlay:

If you’re searching for a method for creating excellent articles rapidly and effectively, then I would definitely suggest that you have a look on WordPlay. This amazing AI writing tool helps you in writing a full-length 1500 word article from only the title and a couple of sub-headers. It is an extraordinary tool for creating content for your blog or SEO link building purposes. This tool is worth buying. You should give it a try!

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