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01/08/2016 11:00 AM by Admin in Seo tools

Recommended Tools

For about two years or so since I started blogging, I have experimented with different kinds of tools for my blog. I will be sharing most of them here. In my two years of using these tools, my life as a blogger has been easier and smoother. It is for this reason that I recommend these tools for you. If you are ready, let’s get started.

Domain Tools

Namecheap.com: Of all domain registrars, this is the one I recommend the most. As their name implies, they are one of the cheapest domain registrars out there. Their customer support service is next to none. Click here to visit their site.

BlueHost.com: When it comes to popularity, Bluehost is in the leading position. Their coupons and occasional discounts are very attractive.

WordPress Hosting

After you have chosen a web registrar of your choice, next is to install WordPress which comes at no cost at all. For more comprehensive detail on this, go ahead and signup for Bluehost.

BlueHost: For your web hosting, I strongly recommend you go for Bluehost. BlueHost has been certified by WordPress as a web host provider. Every single hosting plan offered by Bluehost comes with the following features

  • Free domain
  • An easy to use site builder
  • Plenty storage space
  • Easy installation of WordPress
  • Excellent customer support

Should you not like BlueHost after signing up; your money will be paid back in full.

Cloudways: This website is hosted on Cloudways for over two years and I can solidly vouch for them. As it stands now, over 3 million web accounts are hosted on Cloudways (check Cloudways review). This is a testimony of their excellent customer support.

WordPress Themes

ElegantThemes: Gives you access to one of the most professional and stylish themes. Their theme quality is superb. For just $69, you have all 87 themes available on ElegantThemes.

MyThemesShop: They understand your needs as a blogger. This theme collection comes with fully customizable options that will make visitors flock in their numbers to your blog. There is also unlimited upgrade option on My Theme Shop.

TeslaThemes: The layout, design and features that come with this theme collection are simply amazing. For just $59/y, Tesla themes offer you all their themes which are 100% customizable.

WordPress Plugins

CommentLuv: Want to skyrocket your user experience, then this plugin is a must for you. Not only does it make commenting easier for your blog visitors, it builds you a loyal online community. Another awesome feature of this plugin is that it sends an email to who so ever drops a comment on your blog. I have been using this plugin in my WP blogs for quite a while now and I suggest you do the same.

Ninja Popups: Ninja Popups is a great tool for prompting visitors to your site to take action once they visit your blog. Whether you want them to sign up to your newsletters or share your blog post, Ninja popups is an excellent tool.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Open Site Explorer: This blogging tool helps you keep track of links coming and leaving your site. The sweet thing about it is that it comes at absolutely no cost.

Long Tail Pro: Another great tool that improves your keyword research. Not only does it help you locate long-tail keywords, but it also displays competitor analytics.

Ahrefs: Ahrefs has grown in popularity over the years. The reason for this is that it contains a huge collection of indexes as well as distribution charts. Some amount of data is offered for free too.

LinksManagement: This high authority link building service will help you to increase your website ranking in Google for your keywords.

Google Analytics: To wrap things up on SEO, Google Analytics is a must if you are a serious-minded blogger.

Email Marketing

GetResponse: I have been using GetResponse for quite a while for my email newsletter. GetResponse was created for lazy bloggers who just want things as simple as possible. This powerful tool handles over 40 million emails on daily basis.

Mailercloud: This tool is also great for email marketing. However, it is meant for experienced bloggers, not newbies. This is because some essential feature like A/B testing is missing on it. But its reporting features are great. Their customer support is great and with some little commitment, your email marketing campaign is sure to be a success with Mailercloud.

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