Check GZIP compression

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عن الموقع Check GZIP compression

Check GZIP Compression is a tool that can let you check whether or not your web-server is sending GZIP compression headers to your clients, an all-important part of website management. By using GZIP compression, you will be able to save up to 50 percent in terms of bandwidth usage. Does it sound good? Yes, it sure does! But wait. This tool is not only for the techie but also for all types of users, no matter their technical level and for a reason. The tool is very easy to implement. In fact, you won’t need any database or sign up to use it.


This is a web-based tool that is open and ready to use wherever you are there is an internet connection. So if you own several domains or sub-domains, there is nothing to worry about to using the Check GZIP Compression because it lets you check all of them at the speed of the light. Within a couple of seconds, it will be able to generate you the results you are after for, and that all you have to do is to type into the query box or copy and paste the URL you want to check onto it. And then, press the checker button and see if your web-server is sending GZIP compression headers to your clients.


The Check GZIP Compression will run a test on your domain and see if it is or your host server has its GZIP enabled or not by connecting to your website’s domain and then requesting for the information. And then, the tool will let you know of other important information, including the GZipped version size of your URL.


There you have what you need to know about the Check GZIP Compression tool and what it does. Don’t hesitate using it now to check if you have the GZIP compression headers enabled by your domain and web-server.