Link Building: Its Basics and Some Ways on How to Do It Right

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Link Building: Its Basics and Some Ways on How to Do It Right

It’s been a while since you built your website. Your content is good; your photos are great. You have a responsive web design and the layout just matches your target audience. Just recently, you started to apply some SEO techniques: title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and site mapping. Now, there’s this one thing that you think you might need to do: link building. Well, you’re thinking right. It’s actually a great move in website maintenance. Doing this technique will make your site more established. So, yes, you really need to do it if you’re aiming to maintain a reputable online space. Are you familiar with this technique? No? Don’t worry; just let this article feed you with some basic information.


What is Link Building?


Basically, it is the process of getting links to your site. Comparing it to real life scenarios, it is like giving invitations to your birthday party or simply telling your friends and acquaintances to drop by your place. The fact that you’re going to throw a great and beautiful party is an important reason for people to come over, and you can let it happen by inviting them. The same thing happens when maintaining a website. Everything in your online space is good, and you would like your target visitors to see it. Hence, you need to invite them by building links to your site.


Let’s Do Some History!


A few years ago, link building was simpler. You could easily use tools, directories, and other sites to generate links to your website. But on April 24, 2012, everything was changed due to the launch of Google Penguin algorithm. At present, this formerly simple technique is considered a skill. No, it’s not easy to learn. It will take time before you become good at it. And now, you would need to get links from relevant, good-quality, and authority sites.


What’s in It for You?


Okay, it helps you establish your website. But let’s take a closer look at the benefits it can give you:


  • High Rankings in Search Engines

The very purpose of doing SEO is to rank high in search engines. If you do all SEO techniques right, then your website is more likely to be on top. Apart from doing the above-mentioned techniques (using keywords, meta descriptions, etc.), getting links from other sites can definitely improve your rankings in search engines.


  • Increase in Traffic

If visitors of relevant sites begin to see the links to your very own online space, there is a big chance that they’ll actually explore your content. For this, you’re going to attract a large following; not to mention that high visibility in search results can likewise lead to an increased traffic.


  • Relevance

What would be greater than getting links from reputable websites? This can happen when you keep on posting high-quality contents. High quality contents + links from authority sites = relevance. Your site will be admired by visitors and other webmasters until the time comes that your space becomes one of those that are considered as reputable websites.


Link Building Quantity vs Quality


How Can You Do It Right?


As mentioned earlier, link building is considered a skill at present. You need to invest a considerable amount of time to learn and practice the right way of doing it. So, what are the effective ways of doing this technique?


  • Write for other blogs.

You can find numerous blogs that allot spaces for guest posts. Doing this allows their sites to be more updated, which is also very crucial in gaining high rankings in search engines. For this, writing for other blogs will form a give-and-take relationship among you and the blog site owners. You help them update their sites and they give you the links that you need. But make sure to write for reputable blog sites, okay?


  • Submit posts to article directories.

Article directories are very visible in search results. Because of this, it will really help if you create articles for these directories and include links to your site in the bio. In doing so, you’re likewise choosing the right sources of links.


  • Make comments on other websites.

Commenting on contents posted on other websites is another way to get inbound links. But again, make sure to do it on relevant and reputable sites. You might just waste your effort if you choose non-reputable ones. And please, make sure to post useful comments.


  • Make it to the list of other bloggers’ blogrolls.

Are you following other blogs? Those online spaces might help. Ask the owners of those blogs if they could consider adding you to their blogrolls. Yes, you may do it and there’s nothing wrong with it.


Other Important Things to Do to Make Link Building Work for You


You already know about the perks of getting links from other sites. You have likewise discovered the right ways on how to do it. Again, let’s compare it to real life happenings. Let’s say you have a business. Getting links is like promoting your company and its products; it is like advertising them. As some people say, promotion, advertising, or merely inviting may be easy at times. The challenging part is convincing your visitors or customers to stay or keep on coming back. Now, how do you make the most out of your links?


  • Regularly update your site.

Search engines prefer websites with updated information. If you don’t regularly update your site, you might get low rankings. Your efforts to get links might be wasted as well. Indeed, it pays to publish good contents on a regular basis. And besides, visitors likewise prefer to explore an updated website. The quality of their trust for a site becomes low if it fails to post contents that are up-to-date.


  • Only go for high-quality contents.

Yes, you need to update you website. But it doesn’t mean you’re going to post just anything for the sake of having something to publish. If you can’t afford to make updates from time and again, it will help to allot a space for guest posts, just like what’s discussed above.  But again, always go for good-quality contents if you want to maintain your high rankings in search results, attract more readers, and keep your regular visitors. Your readers might not want to go to your site again if they keep on seeing poorly-written articles. Quality is truly a very important consideration in maintaining a reputable website. Forget about it, and your links might be wasted.


What’s up? Your mind must be full right now. Want more pieces of information? Well, these are just some of the basic things that you should learn about link building. There are many more facts that you need to know. There are many more complex things that you need to learn. Yes, complex; and yes, you need to learn and apply them if you want to succeed as a webmaster. This is also especially important if you want to generate income from your website. Additionally, you should keep in mind that link building is not a standalone technique that you can use to buildup your site. It should be done alongside other practices. The success of running a website requires hard work and collective skills and efforts. Take note of that.

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