PDFLiner Review: Is It Worth It? (2024)

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PDFLiner Review - The Ultimate Review Guide Of PDFLiner: Find out if it's the most convenient All-in-one PDF tool.

The Ultimate Review Guide Of PDFLiner

PDF, of portable document format, has long been the go-to electronic solution for a wide range of documentation, from tax forms to invitations to insurance documents and more. It is becoming even more ubiquitous now that paperless has become the buzzword. Everyone seems to have given up good old paper for leaner electronic document storage and turnover, and those who haven't are almost surely in transition.

With PDF, you can store all the documents related to a particular set of activities in one and the same place. Whether it's a tax report or an invoice, you can sign and share it online, which reduces the time it takes to process a document dramatically. If the idea of cutting down on paper filling time appeals to you, you'll need reliable and easy-to-use PDF software. Whether you have no previous experience or are frustrated and looking for a change, PDFLiner is there to help you.

For those in doubt, PDFLiner offers a 5-day free trial, and their regular plans start at as little as 9 USD monthly. Here's a detailed review of this PDF editor to help you figure out whether this software will fit your purpose (spoiler: it will) and how to enjoy its benefits to the fullest. The structure of the review is as follows:


What is PDFLiner?

PDFLiner is an all-around solution to a wide range of PDF-related problems. This includes, among other things, creating a PDF document from scratch or based on a template, editing an existing document in terms of design and content, filling out a form, signing the documentation, and collaborating on it using the sharing feature. Add enhanced security features such as passwords and watermarks, and you get a powerful toolkit that will cover all your PDF needs. This cloud-based platform is so universally helpful that it attracts users from across the occupation spectrum. These include self-employed professionals as well as giant corporations.

Unlike the majority of PDF editors, PDFLiner is not cumbersome or difficult to master. The learning curve is as gentle as it can get to the highly intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate even if you are a complete beginner. Being a cloud solution, PDFLiner is also universally accessible across platforms. You can use it on the go from your mobile phone or visit the platform on a PC.

Don't be apprehensive if you are already using a CRM or another cloud-based product, because PDFLiner is designed to integrate smoothly with the most popular solutions. It serves the ultimate purpose of making paperless documentation easy and efficient, no matter whether you are a business owner or an individual who doesn't want to spend hours preparing yet another tax report.

The obvious question that arises now is if it's worth the price tag that PDFLiner comes with. Read below to find out all the details you need to make a truly informed decision.


PDFLiner Pros & Cons

PDFLiner is a great tool overall, as it enables you to edit and process your documents in numerous ways without being overly complicated. It's not flawless, however, but the benefits you get from switching to this all-in-one PDF solution outweigh them. Here are the pros and cons of the tools explained in a nutshell.

  • Accessibility. As PDFLiner is a cross-platform cloud-based tool, you don't need to depend on a certain device when it comes to editing your PDFs.
  • Form library. PDFLiner comes with a built-in library of dozens of tax forms; all you need to do is enter the title of the one you are looking for.
  • Ease of use. To make it even easier to navigate, PDFLiner comes with pop-up panels with helpful tips to help you along the way.
  • Clean interface. With an aesthetically appealing layout and user-friendly design, PDFLiner's interface is accessible to all audiences.
  • Data security. High-level encryption will take care of sensitive data in the documents you share.
  • You cannot edit a document offline. With no automatic backups, this means you need a good internet connection to use PDFLiner.
  • PDFLiner doesn't let you use e-signatures with USB dongles.
  • Part of the features, such as sharing via a link or compressing documents, are still in development.
  • The library might lack some templates for niche markets (which should not prevent you from uploading or creating them).
  • No integrations have been completed so far.

PDFLiner Pricing Plans

The platform offers flexible pricing based on your needs and preferred setting. Here's an overview of its subscription plans.

PDFLiner Pricing Plans

At just 9 USD per month or 109 USD billed annually, this plan covers one user and enables you to use the most essential PDF editing features such as fillable fields as well as to sign your documents electronically and share them with others. Watermarks, high-level encryption, and PDF conversion are included.

For 19 USD monthly or 229 USD yearly, you can invite two more people to enjoy the pack of features you get, which is the same as with the Basic plan except it can be extended to include your friends.

The most expensive plan costs 29 USD per month or 349 USD per year and provides for up to 5 users. The set of features is the same as with the above plans.


The Main Features of PDFLiner & How to Use It

The basic flow that PDFLiner offers you involves creating or uploading a PDF, adding text and other content to it, formatting certain parts, attaching an electronic signature, and sharing the resulting document with your partners or other people you need to see it. Below are the steps to take as you progress according to this procedure.

1. Add text to a PDF

In the upper left corner of the PDFLiner Editor window, you'll see a T icon. Click on it and move the cursor to the place where you would like to add text. Click on that place and start entering the text you need there. Don't worry if you have changed your mind; you can simply drag the text box somewhere else later. You'll also be able to change the font, color, and size of the text after entering it.

PDFLiner Add Text to PDF

2. Insert marks and draw on PDF

In case you want to highlight a certain place in your PDF by underlining or circling it, there are a couple of tools designed specifically for this purpose. Click on the plus-like Insert icon in the middle part of the toolbar to see the options. When you have chosen the shape you like, click it and go to the place you need it, just like you did with text. You can also choose to draw whatever you like manually.

PDFLiner insert marks and draw on PDF

3. Add an image to a PDF

One of the options that you will find in the Insert menu is inserting an image in your PDF file. You can choose a picture from the platform's database, upload one of your choice or even make an insert picture.

PDFLiner add an image to PDF

4. Highlight, blackout, or whiteout

Highlighting is a powerful tool for directing the reader's attention towards important parts of the text, while the blackout and whiteout tools are used to eliminate certain information. Use the respective dedicated button and stretch the field to which you need to apply the change.

PDFLiner highlight blackout or whiteout

5. Add a date to your doc

The Add Date tool in the top left part of the window offers you an easy way to add a date to any place of your document. By default, the date will be today's, but you can change it as needed. If there's a date field already, the input format will change to date automatically.

PDFLiner add a date to your doc

6. Sign the document

PDFLiner enables you to sign the document in the signature field or any other place by using the Add Sign menu. You can use a template signature you have previously saved or draw one, enter your name, or upload a picture.

PDFLiner sign the document

7. Rearrange, add or delete pages

In the pages box, you can switch smoothly between pages. You can also use it to change the order and add extra ones. Click on Rearrange Pages and select the option that best suits your needs.

PDFLiner rearrange add or delete pages

8. Add fillable fields

Fillable fields make it easier to navigate the form and enter data in the appropriate format. Click Edit Form on the toolbar and check from the variety of field types PDFLiner offers. You can place the field anywhere in the document.

PDFLiner add fillable fields

9. Convert PDF to other formats

When your document is ready, you can save it as a PDF or JPG file, which means you can convert it to an image as needed. To access the options, press the Done button in the top right corner.

PDFLiner convert pdf to other formats

10. Share PDF docs

If you want to share the resulting document, you can generate a link or share it via e-mail. Both options are available in the Done menu. If you choose to create a link, copy it and choose the level of access it should involve; then share it with the potential recipients.

PDFLiner share pdf docs


PDFLiner's Form Library

An additional benefit of using PDFLiner that's much valued by people who deal with common forms is the Form Library. This is a huge collection of forms from various industries and areas of life that can be used as templates as you prepare your own documentation. You'll find ready-to-use fillable tax forms, insurance document templates, forms for medical use, and much more. The library continues to get regular updates, which means you can expect even more useful form to appear there. Whenever you need to file a report, search for the title you need and fill out the document you find to save time.

PDFLiner form library

Who Can Benefit From PDFLiner?

Anyone can find this amazing PDF editor useful provided that they deal with electronic documents in PDF format.

For those active in finance and taxes, this is the ultimate solution for tax form management and increasing the efficiency of document turnover. You will also appreciate the benefits of going paperless with PDFLiner as a law professional. Its advanced features make it quick and easy to sign and share legal documents and improve traceability. Insurance experts are likely to find PDFLiner to be a huge timesaver given how many documents they usually deal with. From contracts to claims, the platform can handle them all. Another area that involves a lot of documents is Human Resources. Speed up your processes by going paperless with PDFLiner as an HR specialist.

PDF documents are generally more reader-friendly than paper ones, especially in areas such as justice and police. Governmental organizations will also benefit from features that make a large volume of documentation easier to manage. Apart from this, you should consider making your documents more readily accessible if you offer therapy or work in education. After all, you need your students and patients to be well-informed.

You can also rely on PDFLiner for making the right impression. If you work in real estate, you'll find this software helpful when creating newsletters and other randed PDF materials for your customers, quite aside from using it to create and sign contracts.

PDFLiner Alternatives

In case you need an even richer and more advanced set of features, you might start your search for a more capable alternative to PDFLiner from the titles below.

Adobe Acrobat

A product that hardly needs to be introduced, Adobe Acrobat shares a lot of valuable features with PDFLiner. These include security encryption, e-signature functionality, PDF editing features, and the ability to create fillable PDF forms. It offers even more tools but is also much more demanding in terms of the user interface.



PandaDoc is known as a business-oriented PDF product and indeed offers a wide range of features for creating and editing documents. Just like PDFLiner, it has a library of forms while also enabling users to create new files. It enables you to navigate the form using fillable fields and offers extensive sharing functionality. The bad news is that you can't convert PDF files with PandaDoc and will probably need to invest some time in learning how to use it.


Benefits Of Using PDFLiner

PDFLiner offers a number of benefits as compared to both paper documentation and less well-made software products. Most importantly, it enables you to create and edit documents on the go due to cross-platform compatibility. You can create a brand-new form or start with a template to save time.

There's a variety of data formats to experiment with, including images, and you can rely on PDFLiner to convert your documents as needed. Just like paper documents, PDFs can be signed and shared, and PDFLiner enables you to do it in no time. Additional features such as passwords bring security, guaranteed by default due to cloud storage, to another level.

PDFLiner also offers making money through its affiliate program, where it's possible to gain 40% commission from all first sales and 20% lifetime commission from recurring sales.


Final Thoughts

PDFLiner is the perfect choice for you if you deal with papers more or less often. This dynamically developing product offers great value for money and promises even more fantastic features in the future, so don't hesitate to join the PDFLiner's community of efficient professionals!

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