Bulk Class C Ip Checker

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Sur Bulk Class C Ip Checker

The Class C IP Checker is for you if you want to find out if a few selected websites are hosted through the same range of C class. You can make use of the tool in identifying dangerous SEO neighborhoods as well as in determining site networks. You can make use of such a handy tool when conducting backlink research, too.


As you know, not many site owners know that it will be both productive and efficient to host some cross-linked sites using diverse Class C IP range. But with the use of this innovative tool, you can ensure that you are going to achieve the purpose of checking if the same Class C IP range is hosting a couple of domains. You can also use it to find out any duplicate IP addresses as well as Class C blocks.  You can do the test and checking simply by just copying and pasting the URL that you want to check.

Start your free test without any hassle with this straightforward, easy-to-use tool it does not require any installation and so you can use it in an instant.  Finding out the Class C IP is an important aspect of your SEO. As you know, sharing the IP address or addresses you are using with some other sites can affect your page ranking and SEO efforts, especially if your IP address is shared with those websites that have been blacklisted or blocked by search engines due to inappropriate online behaviour and activity. You can avoid this issue by using the Class C IP Checker that lets you know of the websites that share with the same Class C range as your IP address.


If you are online marketing and managing a website, you can avoid the problem of having your website banned by search engines for the reason that you are sharing the same Class IP range with illegal websites, which content are irrelevant. You can avoid this problem of getting poor ranking for your website by making use of this ideal tool for checking Class C IP.