A Beginner's Guide to Social Media Marketing

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Blogging; the design and editing of a blog is one of the easiest yet most lucrative means of making money. Creating the content of a blog requires creativity on the blogger’s path. The content must be exhilarating, engaging and simple.

Many bloggers create blogs without knowing what it entails. It is to be noted that a person that knows his way gets to his destination before a person that beats about the bush, it is of utmost importance that a blogger knows best the steps to take. Firstly, the blogger should consult a competent IT Professional such as web designers, web developer or graphic designer to design the blog.


Secondly, the type of blog a blogger wants to create must be put into consideration. The blogger must plan the type of blog he/she wants to create before venturing into blogging. There are various kinds of blogs a few are entertainment blogs, sport blogs, religious blogs, and science fiction blogs and so on. There are also blogs that combine the function of all the previously mentioned blogs. The moment a blogger takes note of this guidepost he/she is good to go.

Finally, when a blogger comes up with a blog it is important that he/she communicates the invaluable information the blog has to offer to the outside world through this, traffic is generated to blog; but if there are no persons that know the blog exist then the intended purpose of the blog will be brought to nought.

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

There are various ways in which a blog’s presence can be known by clients, but the most effective of all is through social media. Social media marketing has done much more than traditional advertisement has ever offered through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr and so on. This boils down to one point which is the fact that a good blogger must be present in one or more social media in order to make the presence of his/her blog known to his/her clients. This consequently leads traffic to the blog. You can get amazing numbers of active users by marketing your blog on different social media, some the best social media are as follows:



The easiest social site to get clients from is facebook, this social network has 1.5 billion active members who frequently use and visit this site through its apps, pages and messages that it sends to users through local telecommunication companies. Get your blog added on this site and have many people to like your page on facebook through interesting adverts of what’s going on your blog then, the more traffic you will generate to your blog.



Twitter is an interesting social site with quite a number of users as well. Its popularity is also known across the world. You can market your blog here also by making use of pictures or catch phrase to get the attention of potential clients. It will be nice to make use of its hashtags to direct people to your blog and also get the attention of people who may not be following you on twitter.



This is a peculiar social site to generate more traffic for your blog; you can do this by enlarging your circles of friends and also joining several communities. People you have in your different circles can easily get to read information about your blog and the people in the communities you have join will also be aware of your blog. This will certainly yield you a lot of readers if you are able to market your blog well.



You can also generate traffic through your blog by being an active user of this social site, you can get a lots of following by commenting on other people’s post thereby growing gradually to the top of your niche. At this point you can easily post things about your blog and people following you will get to read it.



There are several videos of almost everything on this particular social site, people post videos of even ridiculous things and still get a lot of viewers, the video about your blog can be the next biggest hit on YouTube. Simply gather interesting facts about your blog make a short video of these facts and post it on YouTube. In fact, you can make a regular video of blog post such as making video of current post on your blog, the next post to be posted and even few interesting things that have been done in the past. All this will spur viewers to visit your blog, if the content on your blog is good stuff then you will definitely retain active users among your viewers on YouTube.



Market your blog on this site by taking pictures of relevant things on your blog, add captivating captions on them and then share them through other social media. You can follow other users while you build up your own numbers of followers, these followers will see different information about your blog through the pictures you post and will develop interest in your blog. For example, a blogger of fashion accessories can easily take pictures of these accessories, add captions on how to know more about them through his blog and share it on other social site, this will generate a lot of traffic for his blog.



On Pinterest, you can share what you like with others by pinning them, you can also get to know the interest of others through what they have pinned. Start pinning things about your blog and get your readers to also pin interesting things from your blog to their profile. This is a good marketing strategy of your blog.



This is another site that you can use as a medium to market your blog. This site deals a lot with photography. Get pictures about your blog and post them on this site. Even if your blog does not have much to do with photography, you can still find relevant pictures of your blog post and have them all on flikr.  If your posts are on food, clothes, medicines, games and so on, you can easily get pictures of them and post them for your users and potential users to see.


Now that you’ve seen some of the various social media you can easily market your blog, it is good to examine the best marketing strategy that will effectively end you active users.


The frequency of your post

Most of these social media require frequent posting, your post does not have to be the same all the time, constantly come up with something interesting about your site. If your blog is on food, you are to post on the different dishes that can be made daily if possible. You can actually choose to post information about your blog weekly or even monthly just make sure that you stay relevant and keep your viewers, readers and users constantly on their toes about your blog.


Spread the word

You should get an account in some of the social sites where you can add friends and families on them. Through this account of yours, you can disseminate information about your blog to them but after a while you should consider opening a separate account for your blog. At this point let your friends know about this development, this is to avoid bugging your friends with too much post about your blog, this can irritate your friends or families. You should also consider making use of promotional campaigns available in any social media; this will cost you some cash but will definitely get you some users. You should make sure that that you are in more than one site and do not remain dormant in any site. Actively make use of the social media you have joined to promote your blog. Don’t put all your attention on a single site and leave the remaining without constantly updates or interactions with your followers. Be careful to pay attention to your entire social sites, if you can’t handle many social accounts, its best to maintain a few where you can consistently visit and market your blog.


If you’re willing to take action, then which social network you’re going to join first?

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