Make the most out of Women’s Day for your online store

03/29/2021 9:30 PM by Admin in Marketing

For centuries, women have been oppressed in society and have been subservient to men, but as society has evolved and revolutionized over time, women have gained more freedom and equality. Women’s day is a day were we acknowledge and celebrate women’s rights as well as gender equality. International Women’s Day is a national holiday across the world and this day is important because it honours women and their achievements regardless of any divisions be it cultural, political or economic.

Online stores can use Women’s Day to their advantage by using this as an opportunity to showcase a different side of themselves to their audience which can lead to more sales. Below we will explore how online stores can make the most out of Women’s Day.


Run a competition and promotional offers

Everyone loves to win. By running competitions you are getting your business out there and allowing new people to see what products you have to offer, in turn increasing your exposure. All while focusing on an important aspect of society. Ideas include asking your customers to share their hopes for women’s day, and having a random draw prize to select a winner and have a portion of the money go to a women’s charity. Socital specializes in theming stores to holidays such as Women’ Day, and they have many more ideas if you have already used this one in the past. If you don’t give a donation to a certain charity you should not feel guilty because apart from promoting your company, having the initiative is enough to spread awareness and have people talking about women’s day.


Expect Traffic

During this time, you can expect traffic on your website.  It is important to check with your website host to make sure that your website can handle traffic because you wouldn’t want your website to crash during the peak. Remember, that too many visits at the same time can cause a website to crash and people tend to leave a website after 3 seconds of a page not loading which is bad for business.


Use social media

Social media is by far the best tool to use for advertising in this day and age. You should use social media to show your businesses promotions and products on women’s day. This will increase the amount of visitors on your website as well as enhance your presence.  Use social media to show that your business cares for a good cause which will boost your businesses image. A good idea would be to photograph female employees to show them appreciation and market women’s day while at the same time boosting your businesses image. By using pictures of female employees you are also showing your company to be a friendly place for women which is advantageous to your business image. Another good idea would be to engage with your audience by asking them to upload pictures with your product and tag your business. This boosts engagement and is overall good for your business.


Be part of a cause and use email marketing

Another very good way to make the most out of women’s day is to sponsor a cause or social awareness campaign that specifically targets women. For example spreading awareness about diseases that affect women such as breast or cervical cancer. By associating your brand with these causes you will gain a lot of respect, favour and compassion. You can use social media to showcase your association with these different causes.

Another good idea is to send out emails that celebrate Women’s day.  In the email it is important to stress how important being associated with women’s day is to your business. You should ask people to also support as well and then notify them about your business and your products.

By following these few, simple guidelines you can maximize your opportunity for business on Women’s day while at the same time celebrating and honouring all the incredible women around the world.  Women are a beautiful part of society and there is no better way to honour them than by using your business to celebrate them and spread awareness. This good deed will come back to you by increasing business for your brand and increasing reach as well as boosting your businesses reputation which is great for your business.

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